The waxed canvas used on our bags is a specialized textile that does not require normal cleaning. No need to be gentle on your waxed canvas bags, waxed canvas is weather-tough and gains character with time and use.

Care instructions for waxed canvas:

1- Try washing dirt off with water and a small brush. A periodic cleaning with a hose, damp cloth or soft scrub brush for heavy dirt is all that is needed.

2- If the bag is heavily soiled use bar soap, flaked soap or saddle soap (DO NOT USE DETERGENT) Do this only if necessary and on specific areas only.

3- NEVER use detergent (liquid or powder) to clean the bag.

4- NEVER dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the wax finish.

5- You CANNOT put these bags in the washing machine


If the canvas loses its water repellent qualities with time and use, apply wax refinishing wax. Contact us for instructions on where and how to get the refinishing wax.

The waxed embedded in the canvas creates natural color shifts when creased or used. This is most similar to oiled leather.

It is COMPLETELY normal to have highlights in waxed canvas. This is one of the main character traits of waxed canvas.

The inherent stiffness and rigidity of wax canvas will lessen with time and use.

Waxed canvas is naturally water repellent.


All leathers should be conditioned periodically with leather conditioner to avoid cracking or breaking.


Vegetable tanning is one of the oldest processes that still exists to naturally tan leather. Because this is done with natural materials over and extended period, it has natural color variations.

With continued exposure to daylight, vegetable tanned leather will continue to naturally darken. This is also true of indirect sunlight. With exposure to UV and natural oils from handling/use our leather will naturally darken.


The wool used on our iWooly’s is a specialized textile that does not require normal cleaning.

1- NEVER wash.

2- NEVER dry clean.

3- Spot clean with water and mild soap when necessary.

4- Iron with medium heat